Hall Research is a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative Video over CATx, matrix switchers, scaling and automation products.


As the creators of the device that revolutionized Video over Cat5, the Mini-Cat®, Hall Research has risen to prominence in the Audio/Video industry.



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Atlona specializes in professional audio and video integration technologies.


Some of its products include extenders, switches, distribution amplifiers, Extenders, Converters and Scalers, Audio Amplifiers and now soft codec conferencing.

Their newest release is a soft codec based conferencing system. It is sure to change conferencing as we know it.

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Kramer Electronics is dedicated to developing creative, reliable and value oriented audio, video and computer signal processing solutions, and distributing them worldwide with an uncompromising level of service and support.


Kramers complete product line includes switches&routers, distribution amplifiers, control systems, converters, extenders, scan converters, scalers and various speciality AV products.

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